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    Hi, all
    I bought it acouple years ago and just now got the gas and filler rod. I hooked up everything and set it up to what it says on the tig welder and did a few test passes and it did ok but i kept having to turn up the heat setting and the last test it would not melt the medal at all even after several min. The arc ball would come and go and when it would not melt any more i could not get it at all and it likes to melt the electrode. I am trying to weld stainless steel 1/16″ and am using 1/16″ red electrode and everything is set as per chart. It went from 50 to now all the way up and still won’t melt the stainless, I am not for sure what to do with it. I tried to emaill eastwood but for some reason the web site popes up an error mesage and won’t load. Any help will be helpfull This will be an expenive paper weight.
    Thanks, David

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