Tig 200 overload light

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    Gary Heckard

    Hello, I bought the TIG 200 a little while ago, (about 3 wks)! Used it three times, stopped to grind to clean metal, tried to get it to arc again and nothing. I made sure everything was not bumped or moved, nothing different. Checked the welder all settings were right and the overload light was on. It won’t even let the gas flow. The bottom fan spins but not the top. I had the settings at 50 amp on the foot control, 0 effect, 4s pre, 5s post, and 800 psi on the Argon. Running on 110 outlet. using it for sheetmetal on my 1971 Chevelle upper cowl top. Any ideas would be great! Thanks, Gary

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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