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    i’ve had my TIG 200 for about 1.5 years now and absolutly love it. recently i was working out in the garage and noticed a split in my torch hose, roughly 2 inches from the brass fitting off of the machine. i called Eastwood and they are replacing it under warrenty, GREAT!!! so i got to thinking, this split was on the hose where it is bending since gravity drops it after it comes out of the machine, causing a constant stress point in the hose itself, so i thought to myself, wouldnt a 90* fitting off of the machine, which will point the hose straight down, take away that stress point?

    this machine has worked out great for me thus far, and i would just hate to put another brand new hose on it to possibly have to replace it again, next time possibly being out of warrenty.

    just thought i would share this, as a potential warning to other users of this welder, and possibly a worthy note for the designers at Eastwood to offer or produce as a fix for a known problem

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