TIG 200 AC/DC—-how to measure actual welding current

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    Tech guys,

    My TIG 200 AC/DC has worked flawlessly since I bought it. The only issue I ever had with it (with the torch) was quickly taken care of by tech support). I only have one nagging “suspicion”…..

    I highly suspect that the welding current that one sets either on the panel or the foot pedal is not all that accurate. I “substantiated” my suspicion by hooking up a clamp-on ammeter on the torch power cable while trying various different amperage settings on both the foot pedal and the machine panel control while having the torch clamped in a vice pointing straight at some thick 1/2″ steel. This was in DC mode. I wrote some numbers down (from ammeter display) and they baffled me.

    Before I go any further and reveal the numbers I gathered, I just want to make sure that setting up a clamp-on ammeter on the tig torch power cable is the correct way to measure actual welding current. Do I have that correct?

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