TIG 200 AC/DC Foot Pedal issue

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    I’ll start my own thread.

    Wife bought me the TIG 200 for Christmas. I put everything together and it seemed to work great at first when I just started with the torch trigger both on steel and AL.

    Connected the foot pedal and it repeaditly would shut off when starting the arc. I’d have to reset the powerswitch and try it again which is irritating when the switch is on the backside of the unit. I went back to the torch trigger and it seems to work fine again.

    Call Eastwood customer service and they sent out a new footpedal and got it in a couple of day. Woman on the phone was great. Got my foot pedal and it’s used, which is fine if it works ok. However, now it still is occasionally shutting off the arc when starting, and when I cycle the power, sometime the GAS starts flowing on reset causing me to cycle the power several times. Additionally it’s not always shutting off the power when releasing the pedal causing the arc to dragging off the part when removing the torch.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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