Those of you that own a Powder Coating business.

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    I have a few questions for you and would like some advice on where to begin as I am graduating from college soon and have realized too late that I don’t like my field as much as I initially anticipated. I’m more of a hands on guy and don’t learn the best reading books and interpreting it to real life situations.

    Just curious as to how some of you got started, I would like to write up a business plan and start to focus more on this. I’ve been coating for 6 months and have made plenty of money doing so but I’m concerned about the transition from it being a “side job” to an actual business with the overhead costs. I’m pretty good at marketing so getting my name out there would not be a problem, I believe I can be pretty successful doing so. My father runs a tool steel business so he should be able to help me out quite a bit with the initial start up which will be a huge benefit as he has taken his business from nothing to something very big.

    I plan to focus mainly on automotive parts as it is what I know the most of but would like to expand at some point. I have been looking into Ted’s ovens and plan on getting one of his that would be big enough for things like quad/motorcycle frames.

    I’d appreciate any input you guys have!

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