This can’t be right…….can it?

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    I should post this on the “Ask EW” thread, and I may after this one runs its course here first.

    I’ve read for a few weeks now how much everyone really likes EW’s new paint & p/c dissolver. It apparently works great and everyone has nothing but good things to say. So, I ordered a gallon. I’ve been hesitant to try any of this stuff because it seems awfully expensive @ $44/gal. I was able to get the 10% discount by ordering in Dec., so @ $40/gal. it’s still a stiff price. I haven’t received it yet, but should be here this week.

    I just noticed in the Jan 07 catalog, the price is now $59.99/gal. Have I lost my mind or has EW? $60/gal.??? Are you kidding? Is this a misprint? Is the stuff THAT good? I mean a 33% increase in price for something that hasn’t been on the market for 6 months yet? As good as this product may be, I’m afraid you’re pricing yourself right out of the market. Are you buying this stuff by the gallon and just re-labeling the cans? If it’s that good, I’d think EW would be getting it by the tanker traincar load.

    Man, I’d think for that price, you should be able to put your nasty, powder or paint encrusted parts in there and it comes out clean, shot, and cured in the color you were only thinking about. What gives EW?

    Sorry for the rant guys, but sheesh!!

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