Theft of tools from Home Depot

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    I have always tried to live under the thought that if I live life honestly and believe that there is good left in the world all will be peachy. Karma goes both ways. The guy how stole all my tools from my truck on Monday was apprehended today. The witness who saw him lifting tools from my truck and scared the guy off , saw the van traveling down the road today , made a uturn to make sure it was the same one, had his wife look for the cops card in her purse and as they approached the intersection who of all people shows up and spots the van at the same time but the investigating officer who almost takes out the witness while making a uturn to pull the van over. Tells the guy that when he dropped my chainsaw and along with it his newly stolen sunglasses. his fingerprints were lifted off them and now that he has been identified , they will match the prints and he is done (stick a fork in him) He didnt have my tools with him , but has till Wed to show up with them or full restitution. If he then turns in his drug dealer or bigger fish , they will deal with him. If not warrent will be issued and he will go to jail. What a small world, and proves again my theory on karma, mine came out good and he will deal with his negative karma. I owe the witness a big dinner , which he will not accept, there are still good people left in this world.

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