The path to a dry air supply

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    I have had a 2Hp Sears compressor with a 25 gallon tank for the past 15 years. I have a couple of air filters that are supposed to take care of particulates and moisture. I connect my air tools to the compressor using a 50′ black rubber hose.

    During the past few months I have been using my die grinders and paint sprayer more and more frequently. With my increased use I have noticed a significant amount of moisture is making its way to my tools.

    I bought a disposable desiccant filter at Lowes for $12 and it lasted about that many minutes before becoming saturated and useless.

    Based on recommendations from others I have added a second filter to the compressor end of my hose and then replaced my old black rubber hose with a 100′ hose on a wall mounted reel. Neither of these efforts has made any significant difference.

    I have been thinking about building or buying a refrigerated air dryer to solve the problem. As this would cost me $150-$350, I thought it might be worth seeking guidance from other first.

    What do you think?

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