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    Hi guys.I just got a few of Steve’s Kool Ties.What the hell is a cool tie?
    It’s like a bandana that you tie around your neck.It has a special filler in it that when hydrated will swell up.Tie it around your neck and it will keep you cool.It does this through evaporation.It will lower your heart rate and blood pressure.Athelets,fireman,hospitals,construction workers,and If I have this correct the using them.They are completely safe to use,and have been approved so.The cooling effect will last for 2-3 days.After that just re-hydrate again for 5 minutes and your good to go for another couple of days.
    And guess what?I just discovered this.Since they will lower your heart rate and blood pressure.Hence your respiration slows down,and I’ll be darned,you can pull a straighter line.Guess your more relaxed.Give Steve a call and he can fill you in on the details.Ain’t it great when you discover a product
    that works better than advertised.Call him at 602-943-8119.Thanks for
    those great products Steve.What else you got that I should have?

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