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    Hello Mr Tetz…
    I own a 1968 Formula-S 340 Barracuda that I’ve been going through a restoration on… When it came to getting it ready for paint and finding someone to do it, I was running into the “Holy’$hit” factor when it came to what they wanted for cost. I got the idea of “What if?” I could do it myself and looked into somekind of informational awareness that would help me decide. Then came you and Eastwood. I watched Every episode of Hand’s On back to back and ordered your Paintucation series and now, honestly believe that I could, infact, do it myself, and “Do It Right…”
    I’ve begun to purchase items that I’m going to be needed through Eastwood, however I am up in the air concerning my method of painting. I am extremely interested in the Apollo 5-Stage Turbine system that you talked about on one of the Hand’s On episodes, however I have found myself ‘cautiously wondering if I’m actually going to be able to do every spaying aspect of my restorationg with this unit, where as after looking though every video I could find on Eastwoods YouTube page, I only came across two, less than 2 minute touch base video’s concerning its actual use… one of which was just a few video snapshots of someone using it, without any audio I put from the user. I know that it wouldn’t be as easy as a snap of the fingers, however I thought that I would ask anyway… so here go’s…
    ” Would there be any possibility of you doing a Full Project, such as you did with your Zed’Sled, on Hand’s On… utilizing the Apollo 5-Stage for the Entire project, from begining to end..? “
    With the lack of video on its use, I have been left with a feeling of, ” I’m gonna find out that I can’t do this that or the other thing without needing this that or the other thing first… and at $1,300 I just find myself questioning, myself.

    I am truly looking forward to hearing from you about such a possibility… Thanks for your time…

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