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    Ultra Al

    Peter, Amanda,
    Just wanted to thank you for the addition of the Steve Kafka forum, what a treat! This is a great addition to an already great forum. I really appreciate it. When Peter said a surprise was coming I was a bit apprehensive (as a kid I liked surprises but as an adult I have concluded that usually a surprise doesent mean you are going to get a new pair of skates, it means your going to get hosed,LOL) but not this time, y’all really outdid yourselves. A lot of members have probably thought they would like to try pinstriping but for one reason or another never followed through on it, all I can say is give it a try, it doesen’t cost very much to get started and its a whole lot of fun. Not to suggest that its not a long learning curve, but if you just get good enough to outline a set of flames for somebody, you can pay for your initial investment and then some, not to mention the artistic self satisfaction, which is priceless. Thanks again. AL

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