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    For those of you that read the post regarding the non-delivered orders this post is for you.

    I have corrected the mistakes that were made and all parties involved will have their covers shortly. I let a situation get out of hand and I take full responsibility for it. But to call it a scam was a bit much. My personal reasons, of which I care not to discuss in this arena, got in my way and has caused this problem.

    I spoke, via PM, with Peter and expressed my apologies for the negativity brought to this board. Because I respect you guys and EW, I have decided to no longer be a member of this forum. Peter advised that this was not necessary, and that made me feel good. But, you guys have always been around to help or share ideas with and I feel as if I’ve brought a dark cloud over and let you guys down. I have enjoyed it here!

    In response to pacustoms comments, remarks, etc, I have this to say. NOTHING. I have expressed my feelings and concerns with him on another forum where MUCH less professionalism is displayed. I know his feelings toward me(just not sure why) and he knows my feelings towards him. End of story.

    I’d like to say a special thanks to PeterK, Bob, Mike(2003z), and Skootter for always having an answer and something nice to say. There obviously have been more, but these guys more so than others.

    I may drop in from time to time just to check out what you guys are doing, but more than likely never to post.

    Have a great time and good luck to all you guys…..especially you that are just starting out!!


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