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    twk 75 TR6

    I took a couple days off icon14.gif and with the weekend I finally got my TR6 body tub coated. well at least the top side, next is to role it over and do the underside.

    1. Replace floor and rockers on one side. Do to prier accident.

    2. Soda, sand blasting and lots of wire wheeling.

    3. Replace other small patches and weld holes.

    4. This weekend, cleaned and wiped tub down with Acetone

    5. Used OxiSolv and rinsed with water, something didn’t go right at this point. As soon as I hit it with the water I had surface rust instantly. icon8.gif I am on a private well and we do have a little iron in the water. Not enough to leave stains in sink though.

    6. Dried it as quick as I could and let the sun help what it could.

    7. Wiped down with Acetone again,

    8. Then about 3 hours later used Pre and sprayed with Rust Converter. (had a pretty blue purple car for a while)

    9. Then about 24 hours later sprayed 2 coats of Red Rust Encapsulator with a hour flash time between coats.

    I still have underside, 4 wings (quarter panels), 2 doors, boot lid and bonnet to fully treat, so if there is something I missed please let me know. Also I have the tintable ProTex bedliner I am planning on using on the underside and back of the wings hopefully one kit is enough.

    Question, I can spray this right over the rust encapsulator, right? And what is best fur using as a tint and how much?

    Also a comment for the web folks there. I was looking for more info on the ProTex bed liner and couldn’t find anything. Finally found a little under the Pro-Grade bedliner. Maybe its just me but I seem to a hard time finding data sheets/instructions for some of the product you have.

    Anyway just wanted to say thanks for helping me realize a 25 year long dream of rebuilding a little sports car. It all started with a MGA all torn down I found icon12.gif but didn’t have the $600 back then to get it. icon6.gif
    Thanks Tom

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