Temporary Oven Construction

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    Hi – I need to PC some long and thin aluminum pieces in SuperChrome and the Supergloss overcoat. I have a good twin oven for the small pieces, but it is too small for the parts. I don’t want a permanent big oven.

    I was thinking about building a temporay oven with foil faced fiberboard and use my kerosene forced air heater. I would leave a piece loose on the far end as a vent and put in a baffle in for even heat distribution (just some loose sheet metal) I thought I could tape it all together with aluminum foil tape, heat it up, and throw it away when finished. It only has to last for 3 or so pieces and the overcoat.

    The only other heater I have is a propane powered infrared heater. That seems like it may be hard to do.

    Has anyone tried this before?

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