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    Im in michigan and the temps are dropping. I need to paint my project next weekend, I only get one weekend off per month so this is the only time I will have to do it. The temperature is supposed to be dropping to mid 50’s by then. What issues might this cause and what can I do to reduce them? Its being done in a 2 car garage, I have a kerosene turbo heater, but im not sure if I can run that while im spraying, and if I can im not entirely sure it will keep the temp up enough with a the garage door cracked and man door open for ventilation (i put a fine mesh over the openings to catch any junk). maybe I should buy a second heater if the one I have isnt large enough to maintain a better temperature? or is that not cold enough to worry about destroying the paint job and I just shouldnt worry? I appreciate any input, thanks.

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