Teflon Tape vs. Thread Sealant

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    Maybe this is too far off topic, but I am interested in a real-lif answer to how to seal AN fittings, preferably prior to having to redo the whole system.

    Normally i would use teflon tape to seal the NPT and AN threads of the fuel and oil fitting (Russel, Earls, etc), but they say not to use the tape because pieces may come off and clog something. Russel recomends their teflon thread sealant. My local speed shop says thay use tape and just dont wind the last couple of threads. I already had to replumb my air compressor system because someone gave me bad information about which thread sealant worked under pressure, so I am leary about a thread sealent “gel” being the real answer. Since I am doing an entire car before starting it up to pressure test the installation (I can do the hoses but thats not the problem), I would prefer to get it right the first time.

    Any real life experience/advice regarding teflon tape on oil lines, fuel lines vs. sealant?

    Bil Herd

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