T-Tops Brace Lead Solder Joints – Help!

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    Hi guys, newb to this forum enjoy the tech info available here. Wondering if you could help me out with the following resto problem.

    First, the car in question, a 1986 Mustang GT with the dreaded 😡 T-Top option, I’ve had it since 1992.

    Second, the place, I live in tropical Puerto Rico 😎 where humidity, rain, sun and high temps are the norm year round. Sorry, don’t want to sound :rolleyes: , specially during this time of year, to folks that have to deal with real winter temperatures. BTDT too.

    Third, the problem, I’ve repaired the rear brace lead joints to the top panel three times (no lead soldering involved – yet) with the regular body filler options. The repairs took place without solving the weatherstripping problems with the T-tops, reason why humidity and water helped in making the repairs not hold their own and, ended up cracked and detaching from the metal.

    The plan is:

    1. Strengthen lead solder joints and do as much body filling with lead as possible.
    2. Install new weatherstripping (already have the kits).
    3. Remove and treat top panel rust (internal and external)
    4. Use body filler only as needed.

    Anything I might be missing……any tips/tricks to use/follow…..the products I plan on using?…….but of course!…..any help is appreciated and welcome. Thanks!

    P.S.: Happy Holydays!!!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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