SWEET! Eastwood used one of my covers as a color sample!

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    Candy Teal made the cut, yes, that’s my Civic D15 cover there in all her glory. 🙂

    I wish they had used my K20 civic cover for the anodized blue. It’s a little more “bling” than the civic cover they used, but I’m biased. 😉

    Just cool to see my work on a big company site like this!

    Thanks EW!

    BTW – Angela and C

    (her name is slipping my mind right now) are some of the best customer service reps I’ve had the pleasure in dealing with as of late. It’s nice to call with a problem and have someone there willing to help you out even if it’s due to my mental defect. 2 bug thumbs up to them and EW!


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