Substitute for Black 2K Urethane/Chromabase

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    Total newbie at all this paint stuff. I’m building a wind tunnel model out of a rapid prototyping material (glass-filled nylon) and need to get a smooth, flat black surface finish. We’ve gotten it pretty smooth using Bondo and wet sanding, but I’m at a bit of a loss when it comes to what paint to use. Also, the paint needs to seal the part so that it does not absorb any of the oil that will be applied to the surface during the wind tunnel test.

    I had a local body shop paint a small component and they used Spies Heckler, which looked great and repelled oil, but came off when we cleaned the part with alcohol. I had asked them to use Dupont Chromabase or something similar, and the guy told me he used Spies because it was more environmentally friendly. After digging around a bit on the web, I see that most of the paints that I think I want to use are “not for sale or use in California.” Dang.

    So does anyone have a recommendation for a single-stage flat black urethane (or epoxy) paint to use for the mode that I can buy and use legally in California? Don’t worry, I’m not painting it.

    Thanks very much in advance.


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