Subframe: powdercoat or paint?

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    Hi Kevin,

    I’m restoring my 1969 Camaro and have come to the point of separating the subframe from the unibody for restoration. There is a reputable shop nearby that quoted me $300 to powdercoat my subframe along with the A arms and a few miscellaneous brackets in matte black (DP40?). However I notice on Zed Sled you decided to smooth and paint your frame rather that powdercoat it. Until seeing Zed Sled I thought a powdercoated frame was the only way to go, but now you have me wondering. What made you decide to paint and not powdercoat? Any tips or recommendations?

    PS – thanks a bunch for the Hands on Cars series, I love it. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve next.

    Joe Frankel
    Beaverton, OR

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