Struggling with ordering undercoatings

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    I’ve looked through the website and catalog.I was interested in using 2k chassis black for the underside of a 69 nova.I was also going to use for the firewall,sub frame,upper and lower control arms and radiator support.I want a satin finish not a gloss finish.So the problem is I can’t get 2k in California.So I thought I’d use extreme chassis black,but I can’t get this product either unless it’s in a spray can.At 20 bucks a can this doesn’t make sense when a quart is only 40 bucks.I wanted something that would hold up and be resistant to gas oil and especially brake fluid.Some say use por15 but these are all a gloss finish.It seems these better products are not available in California so what does eastwood recommend.The standard chassis black doesn’t have the resistant quality’s as the 2k and extreme products.So what does a guy in California use if he can’t get these better products?I wanted to use Eastwood for convenience and future purchases but it seems the products I’d like to use are not available to me.I need help picking a quality product for my car,what can you suggest?Thanks in advance for your help.

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