Stripping and Powder Coating Factory Aluminum Wheels

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    I apologize if this post is redundant, I just keep finding conflicting information about the process.

    I have a set of factory, aluminum Toyota wheels from a ’07 Tacoma (pic attached) I would like to powder coat black. I have thus far removed about 80% with a chemical paste and I need to blast the rest off. I have access to a large blast cabinet. Soooo….

    What kind of abrasive should I use to remove the remaining paint and clear coat still on the wheel?

    What is the proper procedure for outgassing of this particular kind of wheel?

    What else should the prep entail prior to coating?

    Does powder coating the wheel reduce the structural strength in any way (including multiple heating and cooling cycles from multiple coats, as well as the outgassing process)?

    Do you recommend a particular matte black powder for this project?

    I REALLY appreciate any help in getting the facts I need for this project.

    Thank you!!!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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