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    I’m just getting set up to start doing powder coating for the vehicles I’m working on and hope to eventually advertise it as a service. I’ve been researching strippers…already have a friend waiting with a set of aluminum rims he wants changed from silver to black. I tried blasting them in my cabinet but with glass bead it’ll take me forever. I’d like to get some type of container I can fill with stripper to soak parts in but not sure what type of plastic will hold up or if I need to find a metal 55 gallon drum. Do I need an air tight lid or will it be ok if I have a loose fitting lid that lays over the container? In a shop environment I’m also worried about EPA issues if they’ll insist on a certain type of storage?

    Also do you guys use the same product for paint & powder stripping or would I be ahead to do something cheap like a lye tank for paint and a separate tank for a methylene chloride type stripper for powder?

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