stopping/ Slowing rust inside panels

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    I am looking to purchase something to spray inside all my panels to slow/stop rust from Coming through. I have a 72 Chevelle that has some heavy rust. My father came down to visit this week and helped me tackle the job of replacing all the sheetmetal spots that were already rusted through, but now I need to get something in there so it does not pop through anywhere else for a little while.

    I was thinking of the Rust encapsilator and spraying inside the quarters, insides of the fenders, etc (everyplace that rust gets between panels and creeps through). After that I was thinking of Spraying in some of Eastwood’s undercoating into the panels as well.

    I searched Eastwood’s page and found this and was wondering how it would do. How does the Anti-Rust do as far as stopping rust in between panels?

    Would I be better off using the Rust encapsilator or using the anti rust to stop it inside these areas?

    Thanks in advance!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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