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    I have a set of rims that have been an absolute nightmare. I posted a thread last week of a gold hue which was most likely caused from over curing. So I am having to strip, blast and recoat them. Here’s were I need your advice. I soaked each wheel in 3 gallons of aircraft stripper which removed some of it. I then rinsed and proceed to blast them in our Eastwood cabniet usind 70grit a.o.
    With eating up nozzles and just taking way to long I finally decided to call a local sandblast shop. I dropped the wheels off thinking my headache would be cured and they would be ready for trail 2. I get a call from them saying they could not blast these wheels because they’re afraid the aluminum may get pitted and recommend I take them to AAA plating and have them chemically stripped, in that case I will order Dekote. Now I have never experienced this, but is this a possibility should I have them go ahead and blast them? I need these wheels back asap as there for a costumer. Thanks guys

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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