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    Hi guys,I know Al but i am new on here,have been succesfully using the Kafka brush since it was available for the public,has made a nice addition to my sword striping.My work is not real unique,it looks just like Steves and thats after four years using it on the job!Anyway my point,is after i do a color and lighten up or swith colors the brush trys to hop over the colors,almost like putting the breaks on.I try to stripe thick as possible with good flow,but since getting Kafka dvd now i see him work and i dont see that hop in his work,i try thinning more but then it gets out of my comfort zone for paint consictency,any ideas Steve or im i just nuts? 😮

    Anyway love you art and the dvd is A1 for showing what yer all about,a must buy for anyone wanting to learn this style,

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