Static Electricity??

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    Okay, this one has me stumped!! Keep in mind that I am using the same compressor, same blast cabinet, same gun/tip, same media(NO not the same..the same kind!! 😀 ) and even blasting some of the same parts that I have for quite some time now.

    Here is the deal. I’ve finally got a day off and am back in town, so I figured I’d catch up on some pc’ing. I begin blasting a bracket for a SB350. All of a sudden I start feeling little tingles in my fingers. At first I thought maybe my glove had a hole in it. gloves. Then I leaned over and my arm touched the side of the cabinet. POW! Didn’t hurt…but I sure felt it! You know how you slide your feet across the carpet and then zap someone with the static electricity you’ve built up? That’s exactly what it feels like! So, I start blasting the piece again. I purposely touch my arm against one of the little screws that holds the glove in. POW…did it again, and this time I saw it. LOL! I mean it’s funny .. kind of .. kind of not .. but it’s never happened before. And nothing has been changed.

    Any of you have any ideas on why this would all of a sudden start???


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