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    Good Morning Guys, I bought the EW #12506 StartingLine spray set. At the same time I got the EW # 34161 E-Z Liner. It has all of the adapter that fit a number of Guns. I thought I was doing things right. I thought per the instucion sheet that you would use one of the little black insert on the inside of the cup so the insert for the bag would fit. There was no way to make the smallest one to go into to the cup. It said to tap it in, if it was to big. I did that, and of course it broke. There is one that is larger that is a good fit in the threaded end. But when you try to put the liner bag w/ the small clear one that is in the bag in it don’t reach the bottom (black) insert. Is this 34161 E-Z Liner kit made to to be used w/ the StartingLine spray set ? Or what am I doing wrong ? :confused: I see there is a 3M cup with liner that will fit the StartingLine set. And to get a PPS#4 Adapter. Is this what I need to do ? Thanks for the help. Gene

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