Starting my New Oven Build … Got a question

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    Hi guys,
    I’ve been powdercoating at home off and on for about 10 years, with the Eastwood Hotcoat system. I’ve done small parts, even large parts, such as a Jeep CJ-5 frame (at home).

    I have out grown the kitchen oven in the garage and am upgrading to a dual vertical oven, as well as staring to convert an old refridgerator for a larger “at home” oven.

    I am currently in the tear-down phase. Nice thing is that this fridge is old enough that there isn’t much sytrofoam insulation inside, but rather yellow fiber insulation … which looks oddly like the insulation around an oven.

    Is this yellow insulation inside the fridge the MINERAL WOOL stuff that you guys are using to build custom ovens?

    Here are some initial pics ….





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