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Posted: March 13, 2013 By: tubs26

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    ok so in my garage is a 1976 mustang II. its been parked doe the last 20 years in there. only has 136,XXX on it like 2nd owner maybe, in perfect condition. as you have probably already guessed, I want it! its rad, would be an awesome beater, and since where I live i dont have to use DEQ because its older then a certain year. so I can basically run headers and straight pipe on it :)))) anyways my question is: from the info I have gathered as it sits to get it running it needs; new gas tank/seal the tank, new battery, fuel line, radiator flush, and all the fluids changed. I know enough about cars to do all of that. I am going to school to become an automotive technician so it’ll be an excellent starter project. in my thinking, if i buy a used car that is also in bad shape for lets say $500 then it’ll prob need $2-600 put in there fore totaling at $1100+ at the least. where as the mustang i dont need to buy the car and will probably only need to pay the $2-600, AND get to drive the same car my grandma did and that seems worth it. any tips, questions, and thoughts are very much obliged!

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