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    I thought I had this figured out, but I’m just not getting it.

    I am (trying to) polishing the stainless trim on my ’55 Bel Air. I purchased a Baldor 332b motor and an 8″ stainless buffing kit from Eastwood, along with a whole bunch of sandpaper locally.

    I’ve been able to remove imperfections, deep scratches and dents with great success. Getting a scratch free end product is eluding me. I’ve been very careful to take the pieces to a 600 grit level, eliminating all heavier scratches. At that point I switch to the 8″ sisal with emery which takes out the 600. Then the spiral with stainless which will not remove all the sisal scratches. I went to the loose with rouge just to see what happened and it doesn’t get all the spiral scratches out. I’ve been working on this for days. I’ve read articles and the How to Restore Trim book, scoured the internet for advice and have experiminted to frustration. I thought I had it when I went 600, sisal, 1000, sprial, but the spiral wouldn’t buff out the 1000 scratches. I’ve been applying lots of compound, 2-4 seconds for 20 or 30 seconds of buffing. I’ve also been carefull to change direction when buffing and sanding, that’s how I know what level of scratch is left.

    I’m obviously missing something important. The book indicated that the buffing motor they recommend is a 3600rpm, the 332b is only an 1800 rpm, is this my problem?

    I appreciate any help.


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