SS Urethane problem

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    This was a”test” to see if the SS Urethene would be applicable when the Corvette is ready. . I tried the Eastwood Black SS and the 2K primer on my Nissan hood.

    I had a couple of dents caused by icecicles falling on the hood from our roof. I sanded those spots down to bare metal and bondow the dents and got all smooth. I did #220 on the rest. I used Eastwood Pre (wax and clean up) and then used Eastwood 2K primer. I gave it 4 coats and then, when dry, dusted with Eastwood Guide Coat, sanded with 400 and then 600. So far, so good. I then cleaned off the dust, offwiped with PRE , tack rag and then used Boulvardard Black with the 4:1 recommended ratio with Activator. The 1st coat went on with a good gloss but had “bubbles.” ?? I figured maybe they would clear out – they didn’t. I gave it 2 more coats waiting the 10 minutes between coats. All bubbles? What happened?? I used my Devilbis suction gun with 50 psi at the compressor reduced down to the gun to give me a good 8” fan. The compressor is a 1 hp sears –yea, I know it should be more but I’ve done countless lacquer jobs and recently, on my wife’s ’79 Camaro, a DuPont Choma 1 – Clear coat job with no problems. What happened here?? I’m afraid that the bubbles go down to the primer so I don’t know if they can be color sanded out and don’t know then if the paint will buff up shiny.

    Best way I can describe it is that someone took a bunch of 7 1/2 – 8 size shot and sprinkled it all over the hood.


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