Sprayed epoxy primer last night, a few questions

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    Hi folks,
    I have finally reached the stage of my 1964 International Scout project that I can start spraying. I sanded the body, doors, etc. with 80 grit to remove a lot of a very bad paint job and deal with some rust. There are some dents to fix but 95% of the body is now ready for primer and paint.

    My questions are about how to proceed. The majority of the vehicle has a nice, even, smooth coat of Eastwood Epoxy primer on it. Can I go directly to Eastwood 2K Urethane Primer/surfacer after using filler on the dents?

    I have attached pictures of a few problem areas with my epoxy coat. I have heard horror stories about sanding epoxy primer. Do you think I need to sand the whole project or just the problem areas. Note: I am aware of the re-coat window, I will be past it by the time I shoot primer so I assume I will have to scuff it all.

    This area has Dry spray as a result of learning my new Concours Pro gun. The gun is awesome and the rest of the job came out very smooth.

    Here you can see the various layers Mapping through the Epoxy coat. Will the 2K Urethane cover this adequately or will the mapping continue through the paint?

    Any help is appreciated,

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