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    Well I am entering the realm of body work with a 42 dodge military truck. I had the truck dipped to remove all the rust and lead based paint. I need to protect the truck while I am doing the body work and my thoughts are to epoxy prime the whole project and then remove the primer in the areas I need to work on in order to keep the body from flash rusting (fl and long term project)

    If I epoxy prime, should I then put a sanding primer on top or for a long term project will the sanding primer contaminate too easily. The car is in a garage dedicated to this project.

    I have an astro HVLP gun that I use for woodworking, 1.5 tip, would that be okay for some of the primers? And what gun would you recommend (mid range please) for a novice. I have an 80 gallon, 5 horse compressor.

    And Yes, I did start with several of your videos.:)

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