Sport Bike Exhaust Temps, Are you ready for this!!!

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    Okay, boys and girls, here we go. Lets set the stage. Can we assume, and correct me if i’m wrong, that the exhaust pipes will run hotter at standstill than at speed with the airflow cooling everything. I just fired up and completely warmed a Honda CB1000, 4 cylinder. I checked the temps at idle and with the motor at 6k rpm. I then checked a Victory 92 C.I. V-twin. The Victory within less than a minute from starting was spiking @710F. No picture was needed for that test as standard powder would surely not work and further testing would need to be done to determine if High Temp would be sufficient.On the other hand the HondaCB1000 was well within the limits of standard powders as attested by the following pics.All temps were taken within 2″s of the pipe about 2-3″s from the head at the bend, which I assumed would be the “hot” spot.
    Testing was done with an IR gun on chrome so #s could be skewed and will be done with a black high temp paint on them under load.

    At idle the temp was 183F on the #1 pipe

    At 6k RPM on the #2 pipe temp was 275F

    and on the #3 pipe at 5k RPM it was only 227F

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