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    I originally drilled holes in a piece of aluminum for doing bicycle spokes when I was doing 6 spokes at a time in differant colors. This time I had 72 motorcycle spokes to do all in SD Wet White. I ha some old Stucco screen laying around, hung it by the corners and now had a groundable metal rack for spokes. I thread the nipples on upside down and leave about 4-6 threads exposed on the spoke, most nipples dont start the thread right at the end but recessed in the nipple. By hanging the nipple upside down the only part that touches metal and may not get coated is inside the rim hidden from view. clip the ground right to the screen and shoot, works like a charm. A good piece of info before doing the spokes would be to know how much thread is showing when they are laced so you can coat that many and a couple more so no bare thread shows after relacing. When done drop the screen in the stripper for further use.

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