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    The screw ups keeps happening. Valve cover that after blasting I noticed a bad spot in the top of it that I didn’t see before blasting so I’m thinking it had been repair at one point and once I blasted it it took the filler out. I took my sander with 150 grit and sanded the spot (small hole or dent) which evened it out pretty nice. Instead of going in steps with sand paper I put it back in the blaster thinking that would finish the job,(WRONG) Looked ok untill the chrome flowed out which I can see the marks but from a side angle,not looking at it straight on. Question is can you sand on chrome? If not what color is most likely be less noticable. This is my own stuff I’m doing… Third one this week I screwed up( three strikes and you are out!!! Lucky for me they are all mine. Two weeks ago I did a set of valve covers, intake and breather with out a single problem for a friend (free) but every thing I’ve touched in the past two weeks I’ve screwed up totally..

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