Soon to be a new powder coater – I hope

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    Hello everyone. I have been looking through the forum for a couple of weeks now. I just happen to see the link on the Eastwood homepage and found all of you. I have been interested in powder coating for several years. I even purchased the original Hot Coat Gun Kit in mid-2001 and planned on setting it up in my shed. Long story short, we moved to a place that I did not have any real room to set it up and was traveling to much for work and was not able to get started. Since then I have built a garage and I am trying to finish up the wiring in between other have to do car fixes. I have seen on this forum a tremendous amount of help from all of you guy’s to the newbies like myself. Just looking through the different threads has pretty much answered any of the questions that I would have at this time.

    The reason for my interest is to use the powder coating on my 1965 Ford Fairlane 500 Sports Coupe, which I have two of as well as a two door sedan. I want to be able to coat things for myself and my dad and brothers as well. I also want to get started powder coating by this fall with the hopes of turning it into a small side buisness next spring and summer to support my Failane habit. Sorry for the long read but I wanted to give a decent intro and to say thanks to all of you for the help that you have already given to a potential newbie. I love to see the different things that have been coated and all of the differnet colors that are use. I hope to be able to be as good as what I have seen from all of you on the forum.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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