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    Ultra Al

    Hi, me again. Just watched your DVD again, can’t wait to get back after it tomorrow. Questions: Where can I buy some Plastisheen? Also I see Im going to have to retool. First, put my 1Shot in plastic bottles and get some nylon screen from the hardware store. Now, I’ve got to get me some Smoothy, can I substitute a fish eye eliminator from my local paint store (they sell PPG) until I can order some from you? How much of the stuff do you add, like a few drops per bottle? Last, when I use 1Shot from the can it tends to get a skin on it, does that happen when you add the Smoothy and if so do you just turn the bottle upside down for awhile? I know they used to make a product called paint saver but I hear the company is now defunct. Thanks for your time. AL

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