Some oven-build questions

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    I’ve started building my oven today and have a few questions.

    I have the main walls done now, and want to place the heating elements and fan(s) in the oven. My question is where to put them (all of them come from standard home-oven appliences).

    I was thinking of placing the heating elements at the bottom on the left and right side, this becauese heat tends to go up so it seems logical to place the elements low.

    The main fan I want to place at the bottom in the back-wall. I have a second fan that I am considering to place at the top of the back-wall. This to create a kind of swirl. Might be just in my mind but it might produce better even heat-circulation.

    The other questions I have is what kind of wiring do I have to use? The connections will of course not be in the oven itself, but I wonder if I need a special grade of wiring for the elmants and fans/lights.

    And if that weren’t enough questions already, here’s my last problem. I want to place a PT100 sensor-element in the oven. Where would be the best place to put it? My guess is at the top of the back wall….

    Finally, here’s some pics of the oven how it was today. It is 1700 x 1000 x 700 mm in size.



    Thanx in advance!

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