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    Ok fist off I have done some painting but powdercoating I know nothing about. So hear are some questions.

    1. Gun selection. I am doing this for a hobby and working up but I like good results I not doing anything big yet so what is the best gun for me?? Is eastwood the only company that sells beginner guns for under $800?? Second off would I be better off buying a better-used gun for the same price as new???
    2. Powders. Is Eastwood powders the best or are there others that have a good or better selection??? Also I noticed some of your pics of the colors and then of the eastwoods color ships and they don’t even closely resemble so is there a place on the net were I can look at the pics of the colors or can order something that I can get a better idea with?? In painting a guy can shoot different primers and then different bases and get a different look can a guy do this with powder and how do I know what will do what?? Should I buy a powdercoating book is there somewhere online that goes through this??? Also how much of a mess does the powder make when shooting will it say dust an entire 3 car garage??
    3. Oven. I am going to start with a basic oven so what is the best oven and what have you guys been paying for a used one?? Should I go digital?? When baking how does a guy know when it starts to (flow out) is this easy to see?
    4. Blasting. I have a blaster that I use basic silica sand will this work and then I blow my part off is this all that’s needed to prep a part for powder???
    5. Is this the main powdercoating forum or are there more??

    Sorry this got so long I’m sure there are more questions I will have later so thanks for the patience

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