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    Hey Kevin,
    I read a post that you responded to about solvent pops. I understand what they are, and the theory on what causes them, but I don’t know why I am getting them. You may remember I have been painting a candyapple red 1969 mustang convertible with eastwood urathane BC/CC. I painted the rear quarters this summer in 90+ degree weather with no problems. Tonight, the first coat popped, so I don’t know that sovents below are to blame (unless the wax and grease remove I used 15 minutes prior could have caused it.) So, the question is why do I get the solvent pops painting the doors now? This is what I know I did different.

    1. It is much cooler in denver now, 60s in the day, 30s at night. I have ran a space heater in my garage over 24hours before painting. While painting, I have the door open, this may cause air temp cooldown, the painted surface never got below 70 degrees (using one of those surface tempurature guns) From what I have read, too hot causes pops, not cool right??

    2. I did not wet down the floor this time. And in Denver, with cooler temperatures, humidity is zero. The wet floor it the summer would be much more humid. (but not georgia humid by any means!) would the lack of humidity allow the paint to skin over too fast.

    3. I may have painted a heavier coat. It is hard to tell… Gun setup is difficult without someone watching what you are doing and giving tips. With my HVLP gun, would more airflow/ less material flow and lighter coats help?

    4. Paint can has been open for a few months, could the paint have gone “bad”? Would adding a little reducer potentially eliminate my problem.

    As always, thanks for any input you may have!

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