Soldering Anitque Motorcycle Gas Tanks

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    Larry Doane

    Hi Guys,

    I am working on my 1935 Harley gas tanks. The spare set needs the top plate soldered to the tank top. Will your
    lead free solder do the job? The top plate is about 3″ wide and 20″ long. Most of the fellas who have old bikes
    have an awful time assembling solder assembled tanks. The metal is turn plate. Lead/steel. I have been told to
    have all parts tin plated before attempting to solder the parts togeather.

    What do recommend for a solder? What would you use for a flux? Is there a flux and solder that will work
    without having the metal tin plated first. (The plating recommended is not electo plate. The recommended
    plating is achieved by dipping the parts in molten tin).

    Any help is appreciated. I have tried all the hardware store solders and fluxes. They work ok, but are almost
    impossible to apply. And they don’t work well on a large application.

    Larry the gas tank guy……..

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