Sodium Hydroxide

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    Well, I tracked some down and tried it, no mean feat here in Montana, had to drive to Helena to get some.
    I can’t over emphasize what a nasty chemical this is.
    It will strip paint and powder coating (eventually).
    It doesn’t touch mill scale, or rust.
    It won’t eat through a steel container (at least not in a normal lifetime), and plastic ones could be questionable because of the heat this stuff generates, which is part of the fun.
    You have to be careful that your water temp that you mix the dry micro beads with, isn’t over 100 degrees, or this stuff will heat itself past the boiling point, and then it’s really fun.
    Contact with skin, is interesting, it doesn’t cause any pain initially, but by the time you do feel something, it has turned your skin cells into a kind of soap, that just keeps rinsing away. 😀
    If it is spilled, the recommended neutralizing agent is Hydrochloric acid, :eek:.
    In short, I wouldn’t use this stuff without a triple layer rubber nuclear/biological/chemical warfare suit, and it doesn’t work well enough to justify the risk, so for me it’s back to good ol’ Aircraft Remover, bring on the Methelyne Chloride!

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