Soda/abrasive blaster question?

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    I purchased the Eastwood Soda/abrasive 2in1 blaster. It works great with soda, but hardly at all with 80 grit black beauty. Four nozzle tips came with the unit. If I use the largest nozzle, I get a steady, low speed stream of media that doesn’t have enough force to do anything. This continues until a hole is sucked in the internal tank media. Once I reach that point, I can do so-so blasting but I have to continually shake the tank. The throttle valve does nothing for me.

    If I try the next smallest tip, the gun clogs immediately.

    What am I doing wrong? Oh, I am using the abrasive valve configuration.

    My have a Devilbiss Pro4000 hooked in parallel with a craftsman 26 gal compressor. The combination can deliver approximately 15 cfm at 120 psi.

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