soda vs epoxy- hope I did not waste some good 2K!!

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    Yesterday I soda blasted the outside of two steel front fenders for my 1975 BMW 2002. (I had already wirebrushed the insides which had POR15 on them, and then put Eastwood Rubberized Encapsulator on top). After soda blasting, which left some bare steel, some POR15, and a couple of very small areas of rust, I sprayed the rusty areas with Rust Encapsulator. Then I wiped the whole fender (outside) with Eastwood Prep. Then I painted them with Eastwood 2k Tan Epoxy Primer (the stuff sold last year before Eastwood had their own label on it, and the date was still good on it).

    Today I read in a vintage car magazine that the soda residue needs to be neutralized (due to its alkalinity) before painting.

    So my 2 questions are:
    Did the Prep neutralize the soda sufficiently?
    Do I need to strip the fenders and redo the process, using Afterblast or Picklex 20 Or Stayput before putting the 2K epoxy on it?

    Thanks for listening to us beginners.

    Greg in Virginia
    ( you may not remember, but I started on a ’76 2002 two years ago; I got so far down that rabbit hole that I bailed after having it on the rotisserie for 18 months. It was never going to get finished. So I bought a less rusty ’75 and am enjoying driving it while tackling its needs one by one).

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