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    okay i’ve read many forums about the dramatic drop in the pressure while blasting… a lot of the solutions were a clog, or partial clog…
    that doesn’t seem to be the problem w my unit, as i am running it empty for pressure test purposes… okay first of i am using an ingersol rand compressor, 5hp-80gal. 17cfm @ 90psi, so it should definatly supply my blaster.
    i have a 50′ airhose running from the compressor to the blaster, and there are no leaks of air.
    So when my tank first reaches setpoint, even before it ever gets hott and creates moister, i open all the valves on the blaster as needed, i then open the trigger on the gun realeasing air, and it drops from about 120 psi down to about 30 psi in about 20 seconds… i will never get anything done at this rate. i filled it up w soda, but again, same results.
    how can i adjust this, or fix it? how does anybody have any type of runtime w a blaster?

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