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    Cant find an area to post, hopefully someone here can help. Got the soda conversion on my HF blast pot. I cleaned the pot out extremely well, there is no foreign matter in it or any of the lines. I have a 12.6 CFM compressor that goes to 180PSI. When I open the dead man valve I get about 2 seconds worth of soda coming out and then it shuts off. I have to release the dead man valve for a couple seconds and then open it again. I have all the valves fully open, this is the only way I can get soda to come out. I had taken it all apart to make sure I had no clogs and everything is clean. I put it back together and added the larger air hose connections hoping to keep the volume of air up along with a shorter hose and its still doing the same thing. Whats the problem here?

    I am using Armex XL soda. I was told that was the stuff to use for car bodies.

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