so I wound up in the emergency room tonite :)

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    I had been looking for a quality blast cabinet, but instead decided to get this one from Northern Tool instead
    Its not the best, but I figured with the shop vac hooked to it, it would be ok.

    Well anyways, I was assembling it, and got down to putting the grill in it, and the grill is a lot bigger than the openings. Its made of that stretched honey-comb mesh material, and all the edges where it was cut are very sharp. I had my head stuck in the side door, trying to manuever it around and had it bent pretty good. Well, it got loose and swung up and sliced my neck pretty good. Fortunately, it didn’t go past the top layers of skin, but it bled nicely for a little bit. And since it was my neck, and extremely close to my carotid artery they put me at the head of the line! A cleaning, tetanus shot and 3 stitches later and I got home at 10pm.

    My wife didn’t like it, but I of course finished assembly and had to try it out! The vacuum does a great job on dust, and it works like a champ! Plus, my new eaton compressor actually puts out enough air that it cycles on and off while using it, and doesn’t stay constantly on.

    On the unfortunate side, I’ve got 2 sets of brakes, a valve cover, a fuel rail and a set of rotor covers that I have to have done by tomorrow due to my airline schedule, and I lost most of today. At this point, I only have the fuel rail prepped and the valve cover 90% prepped. Haven’t even touched the other stuff yet.

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